Who are Recruiter Sites?

Recruiter Sites is both a product and a trading name of HotLizard Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aspire Media Group.


A brief history

Founded in 1999, HotLizard has been at the forefront of developing and delivering both bespoke and product based recruitment software solutions for recruitment websites and job boards.

HotLizard has developed a wealth of knowledge from various projects across a number of years, which has evolved to a solid client base and a focus on customer service leading to many clients continually returning.

In 2009, HotLizard was acquired by the Aspire Media Group. As a result of the acquisition it joined an impressive stable of companies, including:

Recruiter Sites is a product based solution for enabling cost effective recruitment websites to be developed, where bespoke solutions are still available from the Gecko Platform. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please feel free to contact a member of the team.


A commitment to excellence

HotLizard not only established itself through its passion for providing innovative, market-leading online recruitment solutions, but through its ability to maximise the revenue earned by those companies using its products.

HotLizard's vast online recruitment knowledge (and that of the broader Aspire Media Group) ensures that their recruitment website products remain amongst the most effective and popular in the industry.

The continual development of Recruiter Sites, and the Gecko framework that underpins it, means that Recruiter Sites customers can be assured of a long term solution that delivers results in the fast-changing competitive world of online recruitment.