The purpose of a recruitment website is to easily and clearly display jobs that attract suitable candidates to make applications.

A candidate's visit to a recruitment website is for the purpose of securing a new job, so it is very important to ensure that that process is made as simple as possible.

As a result, the focus for Recruiter Sites is to ensure that candidates have a clear and easy path to find their dream job. With both Facebook and LinkedIn registration options supported, the application process is both quick and painless.

Extensive management functionality

Recruiter Sites gives you an extensive management and reporting portal allowing you to adapt, review and manage your recruitment website.

Via the user friendly admin portal, almost every aspect of your recruitment website is in your control. You can change, update or refresh your site at any time without further cost as this is inclusive in your chosen site plan.

Mobile friendly and fully responsive 

Included, free of charge with your Recruiter Sites website is a fully responsive design that also provides a mobile version. This ensures that the design re-sizes across all mobile and tablet devices to provide an optimum user experience with the best site layout and presentation. 


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