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Administration Portal - Recuiter Sites

Everything at your fingertips...

The comprehensive admin portal that is supplied with Recruiter Sites enables you to have a high degree of control over your website.

Statistics at-a-glance

Not only is there a comprehensive CMS, but there are also Google analytics reports already built in.

The information and reports will enable you to help identify how your website is being used, providing you with the opportunity to ensure you are meeting your candidate’s requirements and improving their user experience.

A powerful content management system

The comprehensive Content Management System enables you to refine and develop the content that you have across your website, including copy, banners, news items and various other aspects.

Search engine optimization

Recruiter Sites has been built on an SEO friendly platform to help keep your website as easy to find as possible, without incurring additional costs for an SEO specialist.

SEO rankings can be further enhanced through effective written content uploaded via your CMS and the changes will be made instantly. Further information on SEO can be found at HotLizard.

Management features

  • Powerful CMS
  • Dashboard for reports
  • Google Analytics already available
  • Candidate management
  • Job management
  • Performance reporting
  • SEO content administration
  • Style and template administration
  • Help centre
  • Plus other features...