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Our Product

Introducing a comprehensive Recruitment Website solution

HotLizard, the online recruitment specialists, have in recent years developed the Gecko platform to provide comprehensive features and functionality. This platform is now available as a cloud based solution that has a greater degree of control available both for the website and the pricing plan.

Recruiter Sites, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) recruitment website, can be purchased via the self-service function and if you are ready to go, you can be live within 10 minutes after completing the 5 simple steps required. Prices start at just $149 per month and you can amend your pricing plan at any point to ensure your recruiter site meets your requirements and is as cost effective as possible.

Designed to complement your brand

There are a range of templates available within Recruiter Sites and you have the option and ability to change the template at any point, where the new template selected will be instantly viewable. Color schemes and logos can also be changed at any point, again free of charge. The extensive content management system (CMS) enables you to amend all copy across your site and also add in any additional pages that you may require, including uploading banners and adding any URL links.

You also have control over the domain name used and are able to use multiple domains that you have registered if required. The Recruiter Site can operate as a stand-alone site (e.g. or as a sub domain of your existing website (e.g.

Find out more about our designs

We have design solutions to meet your needs...

Utilizing our vast industry knowledge and expertize in developing and designing recruitment websites, we are able to offer a selection of templates that have been designed to provide a first class candidate user experience.

All design solutions and the comprehensive range of features and functionality are available on all pricing plan options, where further information on the pricing plan criteria is available here.

Our comprehensive range of features and functionality explained further.

Comprehensive management functionality

Recruiter Sites benefits from expansive management and reporting functions, which have been designed to enable you to have greater control of your website and a greater understanding of how your website is working for you.

The theme behind all features and functionality across Recruiter Sites is return on investment, ensuring that all the backend functions are as easy to use and as relevant as possible. This level of control of your recruitment sites enables you to have the ability to change a large proportion of your website, ensuring that your website solution can meet your needs.

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A sound decision

Recruiter Sites has a continual upgrade path that is included as standard, ensuring that you continually have access to all the new features and functionality that are being developed within the market place. This enables you to remain focused on your business objectives with the knowledge that your website will be automatically upgraded.

Although Recruiter Sites is a product based solution that has been designed to be as cost effective as possible and provide a good return on investment, if at any point you require a more bespoke solution then the Gecko platform may be more suitable. If you would like to discuss the differences between the solutions or you already have a bespoke requirement, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Recruiter Sites is available as a self-service product, enabling you to sign up at a time that suits you where the comprehensive guide has been designed to explain every step of the way.