Spam Policy


Recruiter Sites operates a strict anti-spam policy for both itself, and its customers.

Unsolicited email

Recruiter Sites neither sends, nor permits the sending of unsolicited emails either in its name or via its product(s).

All emails originating from Recruiter Sites products are as a result of an action taken by the recipient on the website, or as a result of an alert service to which the recipient has subscribed.

All automated alerts contain an unsubscribe link, which prevents any further alert messages from being created. Messages already in the message queue will still be sent, but typically alerts cease immediately upon request.

Marketing emails

Recruiter Sites only sends marketing emails to customers/candidates with which it has a recent and demonstrable business relationship, or to subscribers of reputable, explicitly opted-in mailing lists.

Customer emails

Emails sent by Recruiter Sites customers may link to Recruiter Sites products, but are neither sent by Recruiter Sites or through its systems.

Whilst we encourage our customers to follow the same best practice anti-spam guidelines that we do, we regret that we cannot take responsibililty for non-compliant emails sent by our customers outside of our systems.


An unfortunate by-product of the way that email works is that it is not difficult to spoof email addresses. From time-to-time Recruiter Sites (along with most other organisations) is a victim of such spoofing, and emails totally unrelated to Recruiter Sites may be sent out in our name.

If you receive an email purporting to be from Recruiter Sites, but you are suspicious of its authenticity, please do not click any links in the email. Instead, you should contact us to verify the authenticity of the email.


Recruiter Sites takes its part in ensuring good anti-spam practice seriously. If you believe you have received an unsolicited email from Recruiter Sites or via one of its systems, please contact us and provide details of the message - ideally along with the message header.

More information

If you require further information about our anti-spam policy, please contact us.