Resilient, cloud-hosted technology

Recruiter Sites has been developed on current Microsoft technologies, utilising .net 4.5.

Being based on Microsoft's Azure cloud hosted platform will ensure that any downtime incurred through server failure will be minimised, and in almost all cases totally nonexistent.

Data separation

Recruiter Sites stores the data for your website in a Microsoft SQL Azure database and kept separate from all other Recruiter Site clients' data. Rest assured that your critical data is being managed by the most respected database engine within the industry.

All Recruiter Sites customers have ownership of their own data and if at any point you are considering migrating to a new solution, then this data can be made available for you for a nominal administration fee.

Recruiter Sites undertakes to never make your data available to 3rd parties outside Recruiter Sites (or its service providers).

Data backups

Daily backups of all data and file storage from your site are taken and retained for 30 days in secured cloud storage. Because of the robust nature of the Azure hosting, it is very unlikely that any restoration will be required however the backups give peace of mind and added insurance.

Everything through a browser

As the Recruiter Sites solution is both web and cloud based, there is no need for servers to be setup nor software to be downloaded and installed. The management and running of your website is through your internet web browser.